The Firm

POHL, PA is a family friendly law firm serving South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.  We believe in providing individuals, families and small to mid-sized companies with sound legal, tax and business advice that is customized to achieve the client's specific goals and objectives.

POHL, PA is a multi-disciplinary practice.  Prior to proceeding with any transaction or lawsuit, we take the time to consider the tax implications, potential risks and liabilities and other alternatives to any proposed course of action.  By taking the time to vet out any transaction or potential lawsuit, we ensure that when a transaction or lawsuit is pursued, it will result in the maximization of value to the client while minimizing the taxes and other risks and liabilities.

POHL, PA believes in working with clients to build and develop principle based, value driven and meaningful lives and businesses that serve the community and the region in improving the quality of life for everyone.

If you are looking for an attorney whom you can turn to for sound advise, call us today.